Monday, 26 March 2018

Pink Diva

Wear pink blouse and a pink skirt by Tokito. Feeling very pink!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Dressed like a mermaid

Dress by Tigermist. Stunning, bodycon dress, high front split, strapless. This is a fun, glamorous dress that brings out the girl in the woman.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Cute & Flirty

Cute ribbed top by Seed
Flirty navy shorts by Bardot

I have to say I felt pretty flirty, with this cute and flirty combo. The pants by Bardot are similar to skirt with the frills and bow tie at the front. 

The top by Seed was tight fitting yet comfortable. Cute little off the shoulders style. Ribbed and cute. 

With these two as a combo, I felt ready to dance!

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Top 5 Sexy hairstyles

Puffy, thick and overflowing:

I feel like I got this one down pat, the sexy messy hair look:

Long, straight and out:

Image via: Beauty and Style

One sided waves:

Image via:

A sexy from the front up-do:

Image via: Beauty Riot

5 sexy hairstyles, comment below if you take the challenge and try one of the above hairstyles a day. Most welcome to send me your photo's! Email:

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How Australian fashion needs to step up

Image via: Cashlorette

More and more people are shopping online from overseas because Australian fashion is limited in exciting clothes, it's just boring and customers are over the huge price tag to supposedly high quality clothes that doesn't even last.

If you look at the online stores like ASOS and AliExpress, you can find unique and cool designs and buy an entire wardrobe for less than $100. You won't see anyone else wearing it either.

Now compare that to Australia where you buy a similar outfit for $100. One piece of an outfit. Your money doesn't really go far. Not to mention the item in Australia was probably mad in China anyway.

I went to Myer and checked multiple products and found they were all made in China with hefty price tags. Now if you went to AliExpress directly you could probably find the same item for less than $5.

But is the product safe?

AliExpress acts like eBay. Individual owners have their own online store font. So you can literally search for thousands of products and stores just like eBay.

The problem is, when you purchase an item, unless you get the product tested before you use, you don't know how safe it is. AliExpress is not required to meet Australian safety standards. So harmful chemicals can be used in the making of your product.

So what do you do?

Australian stores are required before sale of the product to test a couple of items, if buying in bulk to ensure they meet the standard.

But this brings us back to ... Australian fashion is boring.

When I bought an entire wardrobe from Aliexpress, I actually liked everything in my wardrobe and there is no way I could even afford a whole wardrobe buying in Australia. It's a sad reality.

So what needs to happen?

Australia has to step up, lower their costs and look at what people are buying overseas, make cooler fashion that we actually want to wear. Colour, glamour, sexy and something that we love instead of the boring black, brown and grey colours that we see every winter and the white, lime and light purple we see in spring. We are over the same clothes every season, bring us something that we haven't seen before and you might find the $4 billion spent in overseas fashion from Australian shoppers might actually be spent in your doors.

It continually surprises me how Australian fashion retailers are shocked at major drops in spending's. This is how you will bring Australian's back into your doors.

Monday, 20 November 2017

The leotard and how to make it look sexy

Leotard trends

Image via: The Hunt

Leotard fashion trends have been on and off for the last several years. As an ex-ballerina, I always thought it strange when it came out as a fashionable trend to wear a leotard as that used to be part of my daily wear.

Now as I am doing aerial silk (check out my Get Fit blog here), I am finding some really hot uses of leotards. As part of aerials, we are combined with a pole dance gym. So seeing women wearing sexy clothing is quite normal.

Last week, I spotted a woman wear a stunning black low back leotard, and long black cut-up tights. It looked amazing, because of the low back and the tights, it actually added a nice sexy curve of the back and waist.

With aerials, I thought it was quite unfashionable because I have to wear tights and a long tight shirt so it doesn't ride up when doing upside down tricks.

But the idea that I could wear a leotard with tights could be my next fashionable trend at aerials yet.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Be a doll ... make-up style

Here a\I am wearing hot pink lipstick, pink blush and light eye shadow with mascara. I am going with the messy hair look to create the non-perfection overall look.

Being blonde I find, wearing something bright on my lips, a touch of colour on my cheeks and mascara to my eye lashes, helps create definition to my face.